Golf tip: Fred's grip pressure

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Golf tip: Fred's grip pressure


Grip pressure – or more accurately, the lack of it – is the secret to long driving, according to Fred Couples, currently one of the longest on the US Champions Tour( Callaway Diablo Forged Irons).

"I think a lot of amateurs hold the club too tight," says Couples (50), the former US Masters winner . "The tighter you hold anything, the slower you will be. You really need to be soft and supple to create clubhead speed and power.

"When I'm at address you could walk up and take the club out of my hands easily. That's how soft I hold it. And when I reach impact my right hand feels as if it's almost off the club (Mizuno JPX AD Irons) which gives me more of a powerful hit through the ball than if I was choking the grip.

" I wouldn't necessarily teach anyone to do that but it's the right kind of feel."

Couples says his tempo goes along with his relaxed approach to his grip with the driver.

"When I take the club away I just think about making a good backswing. I definitely don't muscle up in preparation for a big drive, I just try to stay relaxed."

Recommended Golf Clubs:

Mizuno JPX AD Irons

Mizuno like many manufacturers have moved away from the titanium face to a maraging face on their GI irons which provide as hot feel and very good ball speeds. The JPX AD Maraging features a large pocket cavity and wide sole. This automatic iron is made for maximum forgiveness and distance.

The JPX Forged has always been a forged automatic model for the average golfer and the new JPX Forged are no different as they seem to sport an even thicker topline that previous models. Mizuno however has continued not to use a pocket cavity for the forged model to maintain the soft feel.

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Golf tip: Fred's grip pressure

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This article was published on 2010/09/27